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e-Dapt Solution

The ChallengeThe Solution
Billions in windows and legacy applications that still work and are fit for purposee-Dapt securely integrates Windows apps and new apps with no change to source code
Employees demand the ability to work anywhere/anytime on their devices with an instant-on native experienceWe deliver a native, seamless, immediate user experience
Current applications cannot pass information to other applications forcing staff to continuously rekey informationWe maximize productivity and minimize human error by automatically passing context and data between applications
You can’t risk the liability of exposing critical corporate data on personal devicesHighly secure architecture encrypts all data in-motion and at-rest, while keeping sensitive data on servers, behind the firewall
You do not know what your employees are doing whenUnderstand what your employees are doing and utilize that data to drive organizational efficiency



Go mobile quickly by efficiently leveraging existing Windows applications along side modern browser and mobile applications

Full gesture support across all applications and tailored UX across mobile devices

Empower your employees to conduct business anywhere on personal devices; reduce liability while enhancing security



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  • Highly sensitive enterprise information is never stored on a mobile device

  • Strong in-flight and at-rest encryption

  • Contextual multifactor authentication

  • Application page level security

  • Fine grained control

  • Secure Document Management

  • Comprehensive step-up LOA

Access data and business logic securely on any device, anywhere,anytime.  Business and personal information is fully segregated on employee-owned devices.